Artificial Grass

Summerhill Artificial Grass Wickford Essex

Artificial grass rejuvenates dull areas and brings your property back to life!

Modern artificial grass is highly realistic and long-wearing. Use it almost anywhere to add natural colour and appearance instantly. We can transform any area such your garden and house surrounds, as well as play areas and public spaces.

Artificial Grass SummerHill Landscapes Wickford Essex Artificial Grass Wickford Essex SummerHill Landscapes
What is artificial grass made from and how does it look so realistic?

The materials and manufacturing technology involved have advanced in leaps and bounds over the past 10 years or so. Nowadays its appearance is difficult to differentiate from natural grass. Its look and feel appeals to the eye and is comfortable and springy underfoot. Our grasses are also long lasting and hard wearing.

Artificial grass matting has two layers:

  • The top “grass” layer is made from polypropylene and polyethylene
  • Underneath is a water permeable layer made of latex with drainage holes

The grass layer comes in many lengths to deliver a wide range of effects, from putting-green smooth to that lush prime mature lawn look.

Many products consist of blends of curly and straight blades, with varying lengths and several tones to create a lifelike mix – just like real grass.

You need to see and hold different types of grass matting to appreciate just how realistic these effects can be. They are designed to transform a dull area into an eye-catching stretch of greenery.

All materials are safe for pets and children. They are UV-stabilised to minimise fading.

Where can I use artificial grass and what surfaces will take it?

The answer is most anywhere as long as the sub-surface is sound, reasonably level, and provides acceptable drainage to avoid waterlogging. Here are just a few  typical uses:

  • Replace existing grass surfaces
  • Conceal unsightly concrete under a beautiful green grass-appearance layer
  • Repurpose an old worn-out patio or decking with a new carpet of greenery
  • Roofing material to rejuvenate old sheds and outhouses
  • Install it as a pool surround

Why the secret to success lies in the installation

Poorly laid grass matting sticks out, which is something you do not want. Our artificial grass service includes preparing the base surface to the ideal consistency so that your grass is smooth and soothing.

For example, it is not a good idea to lay artificial grass directly on to of existing lawn or bare soil. That would result in an uneven lawn appearance and would invariably cause other problems over time.

We prepare a sub-base of limestone aggregate with granite dust. Then we lay a layer of weed-proof membrane. That ensures good drainage, no weeds and a stable surface on which to lay the grass matting.

Laying over decking, concrete or patio stone does require some care to make unsuitable areas sound first. That might mean filling cracks in stones or ensuring depressions are filled in and smoothed over.

How to get started

A free consultation with one of our design experts will help you choose the right grass matting product to meet your desired look as well as your budget. We may want to see your site to understand its layout.

Then you will have a good idea of what is achievable, how long it will take and how much it will cost.

Get started today. Call 01268 424 704 or email us at to make an appointment for our first chat.