Block Paving

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Block paving is a striking enhancement for your property

A driveway or patio laid with block paving delivers a high strength, hard-wearing, long-lasting and highly attractive enhancement to your home. Block paving, also known as brick paving, is immensely popular and is fast to install.

Block Paving SummerHill Landscapes Wickford Essex Block Paving Wickford Essex SummerHill Landscapes
5 Major Benefits of Block Paving

  1. Durable – A typical block paving driveway is extremely hard-wearing and should easily last for 20 years or more. It copes well with harsh weather as well as motor and pedestrian traffic
  2. No costly repairs – Because blocks/bricks can be lifted individually when required, largescale replacement of damaged areas is not necessary
  3. Low maintenance – The material from which the surface is made never needs polishing or repainting. It only requires occasional washing with a soapy solution, never harsh chemicals.
  4. High visual appeal – With its wide range of colours and striking pattern options, block paving delivers an eye-catching look that raises the kerb appeal of your property, and its value too.
  5. Environmentally friendly – Because it is porous, block paving does not produce the same high level of run-off of other surface treatments. This natural drainage characteristic means less risk of pooling or flooding.

Man made paving materials offer superb value and are very popular

Concrete-based bricks are by far the most common choice for driveways, mainly because they are cheaper than porcelain or natural stone alternatives. They look good and the range of pigments available for colouring means there is something to suit every taste.

The only significant downside is that these pigments will be subject to fading over time, mainly from the natural effects of weathering. However, they represent an excellent and cost-effective choice.

Various manufacturers offer manmade paving that mimics the natural contours of stone slabs while other style have a modern smooth appearance. Some high-end manmade concrete materials have a ‘stay clean’ coating for easier maintenance. Edges can be straight, rounded, angled (chamfered) or any one of a number of finishes to create an antique look.

Porcelain and Natural Stone are at the high end of block paving options

Patios, especially, benefit greatly from smoother and more polished finishes. If this appeals, then check out porcelain and polished stone slabs. They cost significantly more than concrete-based bricks but offer a highly pleasing finish.

Probably the ultimate in driveway block paving would be granite setts (cobbles). Obviously that is an extremely hard-wearing material but is expensive. There are many, many options in between to suit all budgets.

Block Paving SummerHill Landscapes Wickford Essex Block paving Basildon Essex SummerHill Landscapes
Choosing a pattern for block paving

Our experts will be delighted to show you our range of installations patterns, including the most popular 45-degree and 90-degree herringbone layouts, basket weave and others.

You may already have a specific pattern in mind and we can discuss any unusual features you may be considering.

Installing your block paving

Professional installation is the key to achieving a superb finish and overall appearance.

Just as experienced bricklayers build the best houses, so our experienced installers possess the skills and craftsmanship to lay the perfect bock paving surfacing. We prepare the surface by levelling it and laying a substrate such as kiln-dried sand or similar. Then our experts carefully install the bricks or slabs according to the pattern you have selected.

How to get started

A free consultation with one of our experts will help you to choose the right materials based on what you want to achieve and your budget. We will probably want to see your site to understand its layout.

Then you will have a good idea of what is achievable, how long it will take and how much it will cost.

Get started today. Call 01268 424 704 or email us at to make an appointment for our first chat.