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Garden Fencing blends beautiful backdrops and practical divisions

Stylish fencing does more than just provide privacy. Today’s styles, materials and designs add visual appeal and a focal point to your garden.

Choosing the right ones to suit your garden layout pays rich dividends by adding to the pleasure and attractiveness of any open space.

At the other end of the scale, effective barriers such as wire fencing, mesh panel fencing and chain link fencing are always in demand. We supply and install all manner of fencing, panels and barriers to meet any requirement for residential fencing and larger landscaping projects.

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Decorative wooden fencing is a versatile garden structure

Trellis fences and panels never go out of fashion. Their see-through effect makes them less intrusive than solid fences, and so they are perfect as dividers within your garden. They also act as climbing frames and supports for a very wide range of plants.

Natural wood fences come in an almost unlimited variety of designs and timber varieties from cedar to bamboo. For that reason they are extremely popular. They can be as simple as closely spaced vertical posts or more complex interwoven styles. Wooden fencing can be painted or stained. You can hammer nails in to hold hanging baskets and planters, or just grow plants up it, along it, over it and through it.

Gates and archways are a natural fit with any fencing and allow another avenue for your creativity. They can draw the eye is required, as well as being practical. Other accessories include gravel boards, which prevent the bottoms of wooden fencing from coming into contact with damp soil.

Small garden fencing is both useful and decorative

It’s not only larger spaces that benefit from fencing. Give new life to small gardens with additions such as picket fences (classic suburban America!) or low compact fences around beds and borders (flowerbed fencing). Small fences are easy to manage but make a striking difference to lift an otherwise uninspiring space.

Our professional Garden Fence and Gate Installers do a perfect job for you

Let our experts draw on their experience to help you choose the right fencing for the effect you want to achieve. They will be happy to discuss the options available and guide you to the best choices.

They also know the correct approach to install your chosen fencing type and will advise you immediately regarding cost and how long it will take.

The help of an experienced eye with up-to-date market knowledge is a real asset when making and important decision like what fencing is best for your project.

How to get started

A free consultation with one of our design experts will help you to formulate a plan based on what you want to achieve and your budget. We will probably want to see your site to understand its layout.

Then you will have a good idea of what is achievable, how long it will take and how much it will cost.

Get started today. Call 01268 424 704 or email us at contact@summerhilllandscapes.co.uk to make an appointment for our first chat.